Fantastic Complexity

From first drip to last drop

We believe that the farmers that produces our fresh coffee beans should be fairly compensated. Our coffee is directly sourced or freshly supplied from farmers that are renumerated fairly based on the quality of coffee beans, rather than the market set commodity price.

Freshly Roasted Coffee

a little sip of heaven

Single Origin Coffee

exquisitely crafted for your pleasure

Tools of our Trade

everything gets better with fresh coffee

Stronghold S7 Pro Roaster

Total Intelligence, Total Control

With its precise heat control and advanced sensing technology that automatically makes adjustments to heating values. Adding radiant heat to the convectional and conductive heat allows for a more complete roast of the beans and brings opportunities to explore various cup characteristics , completing its unqie triple heat system.


a shot of esctacy, anytime

espressoDECK adds a whole new dimension to the coffee making process by enhancing the visual experience and allowing a more intimate setting at point of sale.